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Substance Use Disorder

California’s Prop 64 Youth Fund: an opportunity to promote equity and prevent substance use among youth

This brief offers a framework for thinking about substance use prevention and describes critical components of successful youth-focused initiatives, highlighting successful community-based programs. It is intended to support and guide the California departments and agencies tasked with administering Prop 64 dollars allocated to the Youth Education, Prevention, Early Intervention, and Treatment Account.

Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative

The Prop 64 Recommendations Roadmap portal hosts resources for policy-makers, advocates, and community leaders to advance a healing-centered and trauma-informed approach for state and local policy.


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California’s Prop 64 Youth Education, Prevention, Early Intervention and Treatment Fund

Prevention Institute report on designing effective investments that promote equity and prevent substance use among youth. (.pdf)

When the Smoke Clears: Racial Disparities in California’s Marijuana Arrests

Public Health Advocates report prepared by the University of California, Davis, Center for Regional Change that documents racial disparities in marijuana arrests in California from 1996-2016.